Silver Metal Strap

Wade Hutton Wathes For Men and Women

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Noticed that your strap is getting old? Looking for a replacement but having a hard time to decide any? Says no more.

With our latest exclusive handmade Silver Metal strap, you won't have to worry about it wearing out over time since it's made with high-quality stainless steel that will last for decades. This strap's major focus is its sleek and elegant design, which completely changes how your watch looks.

Pick the colours and designs from our extensive selection that best reflects your individuality. We have everything you need, whether you desire a refined appearance for a formal setting or a sporty appearance for an active lifestyle.

  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Size : 20mm for 40mm watch
  • Colour : Silver, Rose Gold, & Black
  • Quick-release : Yes  
  • Logo : Laser logo on the buckle

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While metal watch straps are more sturdy than leather watch straps, they will still show wear and tear after prolonged use. Wear and tear may ultimately need you to replace your watch straps. Another common reason for replacing your watch straps is updating the style and giving your watch a new look. You will need:

  • A spring bar tool
  • A microfiber cloth or another soft pad
  • A replacement watch straps

Before anything else, find out what kind of fitment it has. Metal watch straps can be fastened with a spring bar and replaced in the same manner as leather or fabric straps. The first step is to establish which fitting the straps have by looking at the location where it is attached to the watch. Examine the lugs on either side of the point where the straps meet the watch carefully.

Steps 1

Remove the existing watch straps. Start by placing the watch on its side with the crown pointing up. One side of the straps should be facing you while you hold the watch case. Then, slip the forked end of your spring bar tool beneath the top lug. Push down and then to the side to free pop the spring bar when the point catches on. This may be a little tricky, depending on your watch case.

Steps 2

In this step, you can easily take the end of the watch straps out of the case after the spring bar, and the top of the straps are free. Remove the spring bar from the end of the watch straps before letting it hang free, and store it in the parts tray in case you need it later.

Steps 3

Turn the watch case so that your tools can reach the part of the watch straps that are still attached to the watch case. You want to carefully take your spring bar tool and repeat what you did previously. Slide the forked end under the case lug and press down and to the side to liberate the spring bar from the watch case.

Steps 4

To establish the size of your replacement straps, you must first measure the watch straps. You can choose the size and style of the watch straps after you know what size is required. Visit our watch straps page for a variety of possibilities.

Steps 5

You are almost ready to place the new watch straps onto the watch case. Take one side of the new watch straps and compare it to the old ones to see which side of the watch case it belongs to. Grab one of the spring bars and insert it into the first end of your new watch straps once you know where one side belongs. You can reuse the old spring bars in the new watch straps if they are in excellent condition.

Steps 6

Pick up the watch case and place it on its side with the crown pointing upwards. It should be positioned to get to the side of the straps where the first side belongs. Place the watch straps spring bar in the hole in the bottom lug. Make sure the finished side of your watch straps is facing the same direction as the watch face.

Steps 7

Take the forked end of the spring bar tool and position it so that you can push one of the spring ends of the spring bar down so it fits under the lug. Carefully move the watch strap around in the lugs until the spring bar clicks into position. This will happen when the spring bar finds the hole in the watch lug. Don't worry if getting the spring bar in place takes a few tries.

Steps 8

Turn the watch case over to reach the other lugs and insert the second spring bar into the watch straps free end.

Steps 9

Place the end of the new watch straps between the watch lugs with the end of the spring bar in the hole in the bottom lug once the spring bar is in place. The finished side should already be facing the right way.

Steps 10

When it's in place, push the top half of the spring bar down with your spring bar tool to go under the top watch lug. Wiggle the watch straps around under the top lug until it slips into its hole in the lug, just like you did with the first side.


Once both ends of the watch straps have been securely attached to the watch case, you are ready to wear your watch again with its brand new look.

Many wristwatches come with readily adjustable straps made of leather or plastic with holes and clasps for easy adjustment of the size. Many designer brand watches and metal watch straps, on the other hand, require metal links' removal to adjust the size.

Steps 1

Look for the clasp. Pinch the straps from the grip equally until it's the right size. Ensure there are an equal amount of links to remove on both sides of the clasp. This ensures that the watch remains centred on the wristband. Make a list of how many links need to be removed from either side of the grip.

Steps 2

Prepare your tools. One or two push pins are required. These will be used to push the pins that connect the links out of their holes. To remove the pins, get a pair of needle-nosed pliers. A little jewellery hammer is also needed. Make sure you're working on a level surface with enough light. You must collect any pins you remove from the straps.

Steps 3

Place the watch face down on a flat surface. Allow 12 centimetres (0.2 inches) of space between the bottom of each removable link and the flat surface. Determine how many links you'll need to eliminate. Locate the pin that secures the last connection in place. This is where you will remove the links.

Steps 4

Get your pushpins. Use one pushpin to push out the pin holding the wristband link. Place the sharp end of the pushpin against the link pin's head. If it doesn't budge, pound the head of the pushpin into the hole for the link pin with your jewellery hammer. A small portion of the pushpin should now protrude from the link's other side. Use the hammer to drive the pushpin further to get more of the link pinout.

Steps 5

Using the pliers, remove the pin. To get the pinout, you'll have to pull hard. Once you've gotten enough of the link pin out of the hole on the other side of the wrist band to grab it, pull it out with the pliers. With the needle-nose pliers, grasp the pin's end tightly. Pull it out, and then you should remove the links you need from one side of the clasp now. Now you must repeat the technique on the opposite side of the wrist band.

Steps 6

Remove the clasp from the removed connection section. This is required to reattach it to your straps. Remove it using the same procedure you used to remove the links. To secure the clasp to the links you should use a pin. Using the hammer, pushpins, and pliers, remove it. You will now have to reattach the grip to the straps.

Steps 7

Attach the clasp back onto the straps. Line up the last link on one side of your wristband with the link on the grip. A precise hole should be visible, where a pin should be inserted to secure the clasp. Then, insert one of the pins you just removed into this hole. Except for the last small amount at the end, it should go most of the way in on its own. Using the hammer, gently pound the pin into the hole. Repeat this process on the other side of the clasp. Your straps are now adjusted and assembled.

Steps 8

Put the watch on. It should now fit comfortably without being excessively large or tiny. If your watch has been over-adjusted, consider adding a link to each side of the straps. Re-evaluate how many links need to be removed for the watch band to be tight and comfortable if you haven't already. Make sure the watch is comfortable by wearing it for a few days.