Our interchangeable leather strap allows easy wrist mobility and is pleasant to use on a daily basis. Learn how to change your Sophie Taylor leather strap the easy way:

  • The following items are required in order to properly follow the instructions:
  • Strap replacement
  • Tool with a spring bar
  • A microfiber cloth or another soft pad can be used.
  • A paper or other broad, flat-bottomed surface object can act as a barrier (optional, but recommended)

Begin with:

  1. Place your watch face down on a clean, dry surface to start. Finding a flat surface, installing the strap, and finally attaching the watch are steps in setting up a workplace. With the lugs pointing out to either side, it may be put face down on soft cushioning.
  2. Remove the Strap. The spring bars that release the strap parts from the case must be removed before the strap can be detached. A spring bar is a telescopic metal rod with double flanges on both ends spring-loaded. The spring bar ends are inserted into little holes in the watch case's lugs.
  3. Repeat step 2 for the other strap piece. Rotate the watch 180 degrees to align the remaining strap component with the previous one.
  4. Install the replacement strap. The spring bars must be installed into the new strap components before they can be attached. When the spring bars are removed, they expand and become wider than the distance between the insides of the lugs. The spring bar must be compressed again in this stage to fit back between the lids.
  5. Repeat step 4 for the other strap piece.
  6. Finally, take up the watch with the freshly inserted strap and wipe away any smudges on the watch surface with a microfiber or other soft cloth.

Changing a watch strap is a simple way to replace a damaged band while also changing the watch's appearance. It's simple to do at home with the right equipment and a steady hand. It includes preparing a work area, removing the old strap, inserting the replacement strap, and cleaning the watch of any smudges or debris. The spring bars that hold the attachment system together are quite tiny and easy to lose, so use caution while working with them. These steps, if followed correctly, can restore your wristwatch to working order and may even improve its appearance.