5 Reasons why Sapphire Glass is the best watch glass in the world

There are many glasses that could be used on watches. But to make your timepiece extraordinary, you have to use SAPPHIRE GLASS.

Value of 9 MOHS in mineral hardness

To measure the hardness of minerals, there is an ordinal scale from 1 to 10. Different mineral ranks differently on this scale. Diamond scores 10 on this scale, while Sapphire glass score 9. Only second to diamond in hardness, making it one of the hardest minerals available.

Scratch Resistant

One of the best characteristics of sapphire glass is, it just does not allow scratches to leave a mark on its body. Making it extremely suitable as a glass for a watch.

Twice as hard as standard glass

Just to give you an idea, standard glass stands at just 5 on the MOHS scale. Therefore, it is twice as hard as normal scratch-resistant glass.

Stronger than an iPhone screen

We know how premium Apple products are and we know it's a no-compromise attitude on quality and assurance. This glass is on the bucket list for Apple itself, to make its iPhone glasses stronger. Therefore, for now, Sapphire glass, which we use is stronger than an iPhone glass. 

Used by most luxurious watch brands around the world

 Name the most luxurious watch brands around the world, you will find one thing common. This is that all of them use SAPPHIRE GLASS as glasses for their timepieces. Top brands like Rolex, Rado, Tag Huer are all part of this list. To make a special mention, even Wade Hutton is part of it.