6 Reasons why you should wear a watch

A watch can be a passion for many. Just another time showing device, for a few. Whoever you are, wearing a watch can say a lot about you and your personality.

Reflects taste and personality

With all the watches available in the market today, wearing a different watch would represent a different taste on a person. Moreover, with an ever judging society, people look at how you dress and what you're wearing, especially in social events. Wearing timeless, Wade Hutton timepieces could be a safe and an attractive choice as it would represent style, quality, and affordability.

Keep you punctual

Someone seen wearing a watch is more likely to be considered punctual, than someone not wearing one. It aides you plan out your day and be punctually implement it. This can be very effective on occasions where the first impression is crucial, like interviews, dates, meetings, etc.

An Ice-Breaker

Wearing a great watch, like Wade Hutton's classic Bombay watch, could just start off a conversation with a stranger or a like-minded person. Could be an ice breaker and a perfect start for networking events. Therefore, a lot can happen over a timepiece.

Fuels your style

Wearing a good looking, classic, timepiece, could just put the spotlight on you. Since ages, watches have always played an important part in making a strong style statement. Whether they are in sync with your boots, belt, or even your handbag, they have always enhanced the look of a person.


Simple and Convenient 

Wearing a watch is a very easy and convenient task. You do not need extra tools or equipment to wear decent watch. A perfect watch gives a better connection and more confidence for a person to flaunt around.

Compliments Lifestyle

Watches not only compliment your clothes or accessories. But they definitely compliment your car, the whisky you drink, the cigar you smoke and even your persona.  A good watch can elevate your lifestyle as a whole.